3D Laser Scanning – Our laser scanning service includes a site survey of your residential or commercial property. Each room of the property will be scanned to create a 3D point cloud file of the property. The 3D image will be used in AutoCAD to create very accurate 2D floorplan of the existing structure. You will receive both the AutoCAD, PDF and point cloud files plus three printed sets.

We use the Faro Focus M70 for all our point cloud scanning. It will work indoor and outdoor with a range of 70 meters and is accurate within 3 millimeters.

    Base fee$500
    Each square foot of building being scanned$1
    Site Planincluded

Other services

    GDS Hourly Rate (labor to create drawings and to provide miscellaneous CAD services)$75/hr
    Reproduction Fees (per sheet not already included in drawing package)$5

* Price change from previous price list

Download printer-friendly 3D Laser Scanning pricing