Our Services

If you are reading this page, you are probably a security, fire alarm, voice & data or other low voltage integrator and you either have your own designer on staff, or you use an individual who is self employed for all your design and permitting needs.  The problem with this arrangement is that this one person can only do so much.  They get overwhelmed with work, they get sick and they take vacation days.  When any of these events occur their work stops.

At GDS we have eight designers on staff, there is almost always someone available to take care of your emergency.  Huge jobs that takes weeks to complete do not make our entire operation stop, nor does getting sick or taking vacation days as does when you have just one individual doing your designs.

We typically start new jobs within two weeks.  We also create submittal and as-built security packages (the ones that everyone hates to do).  We do them all the time and typically take about two weeks to start also.

One of the biggest values of using GDS is that we use standard pricing that is very predictable, easy to understand and posted on this web site.  Your estimators can easily plug our cost into your bids by using the price list or getting a quick estimate from us.  When you get the job there is no haggling over pricing.  Never again will your CAD job get hit with your in-house designers extra man-hours because your plans took longer than expected or because there were several rejections.  By the way, we don’t charge anything for resubmitting plan, rarely do we have our plans rejected.

We can also help you with your fire alarm bids, we call this a Bill Of Materials and it is very inexpensive.  We can use a PDF floor plan to layout your system and provide you with a list of parts for your bid.  Or if you come into our office for assistance with fire alarm bids, we do not charge anything to go over the plans with you.

One of the best parts of all of this is that we deal with the permit office for you.  We submit plans to Houston and Harris County, and ship plans to other jurisdictions.  We even do all of the paperwork.

Try us out for all your drawing needs, or just your overflow work, or try us our while you are between designers.  You will not be disappointed.